Elden Ring, Artist reveals completed work for the ad trailer –

Gabriel Björk Stiernström has posted some of them on Artstation artistic work Workmanship show Trailer ads From Eden Ring, The highly anticipated new game from FromSoftware, about which nothing is known for sure.

Stiernström also posted a long post on Reddit explaining it Action go run: “This was my first job at Digic Pictures and I made this concept art a couple of years ago, in January 2019. I had no idea what project I was working on; I just know who the customer is FromSoftware. I got to know the project and the game when it was shown at E3, like everyone else. This should explain why I know so little about the game.

In short, Stiernström worked almost blindly, so to speak, and then explained that the artwork on display was made for illustrative purposes, to finally be submitted to FromSoftware, but only after internal approval.

Gabriel Bjork Stiernstrom Eldenring Digic Keyframe Vacuumfx High

Stiernström also specified that fans can try to read whatever they want in the artwork, but he doesn’t actually know anything about Elden Ring himself or the FromSoftware projects.

For more Elden Ring Trailer Artworks, please visit Gabriel Bjork Sternstrom at Artstation.

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