Eintracht Frankfurt News: Emin Yunus on the DFB Team, Society and Sports

In the second part of the exclusive interview with Sky Sport, Amin Yunus spoke about the possibility of his return to the national team, a wonderful gesture of joy for the victims of Hanau after the goal against Bayern Munich and the role of Eintracht Frankfurt in the championship by the Bundesliga.

Sky Sport: The national team manager saw you live in the stadium over the weekend. What does it mean to you if the call comes that you can play for the national team again and have a chance to reach the European Championship?

Yunus: It is clear a lot. I already said when I was introduced (in Frankfurt) that it would still be a great thing for me. It is always a dream to play for Germany. But really, and I’m really serious, I also know where I’m from. The past year and a half in Naples has not been easy. I am so happy and grateful to be here. I enjoy it very much. I can’t wait to get back on the pitch with these guys on Friday. That’s why I don’t really care much. But well, I don’t want to lie. I will be very very happy.

Sky Sports: But football isn’t everything, we saw that at the end of the week. The association responded very well by commemorating the Hanau victims. In celebrating this achievement, there was also a great gesture on your part personally, which came from the depths of your heart. I’ve already said a lot about this, hence the question: Do you believe in the integral power of football? Do you think we can do well in football?

Yunus: definitely. You just have to look around the booth to see how many children from different countries, cultures and religions are pursuing a goal together. This is enough sign that we are truly setting an example on this. That’s why I think, with the interest that football gets when we play it, we have a certain expression. For me it was a job from the bottom of my heart. I was in Italy (during the Hanau murders) when this happened.

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Here in Frankfurt, people talk about it all week and review it. I thought it was cool to wear these shirts while warming up. Let’s put it this way: The club and the boys, what makes them beat, succeeded. I am not close to victims, but I believe that Frankfurt is synonymous with diversity, complementarity and cohesion. Eintracht lives it, which is why I had the feeling that I wanted to do it. I just felt he was right.

Sky Sport: If you look at German sports, especially football, should there be more to come? In the United States, the best athletes like to talk about political issues. How do you see that

Yunus: I see it this way, but I also think you need to find the right mix. In the end, we are athletes, not politicians. We have some interest in society, but we shouldn’t overdo it either. However, I am totally with you and think we should do more with the community. We should be looking left and right more. We can do a little more across the board. It shouldn’t be criticism or anything. It is not easy. We live in a bubble somewhere. We can also be very happy to be able to do our job. You can see it this way at the moment. However, I think we have some lag in doing it, and we can do much, much more.

Does Eintracht have championship ambitions?

Sky Sport: If we go back to the Bundesliga and imagine something: hopefully Eintracht will only top four points at the top of the table after the weekend. But talking about the championship ambitions would be an exaggeration, would it not?

Yunus: Exaggerated, very, very bold. But I also said at the time that there are no upper limits. I want it to be this way and everyone wants it too. I also think it’s okay to stay humble and face the situation very well. Also, it doesn’t seem to me that anyone feels any strange pressure at the moment. Because it is also clear: the more matches you win, the more people will want to push you away from the throne, and thus want to defeat you. Who doesn’t just want to see Eintracht win. Above all, I want to keep winning this way. That would be nice. We’re working really well so far. So let’s see where to go.

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Interviewed by Alexander Bonningle

Here is the first part of the interview!

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