Eggs are key to heart health: the new study

Eggs have been deemed essential in adequate amounts for heart health, but that’s what a new study says.

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At one time there was great concern about the consumption of an egg, especially cholesterol, and therefore heart problems. However, science has proven over the years that eggs are very nutritious, that it is not wrong to eat them for breakfast, and that they can do a lot for our body.

For example, the danger to the heart has been denied many times, of course the attention to the right quantities. In 2018, a group of Chinese scientists demonstrated with a Search Switching to 500,000 people eating an egg a day reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and more. Until now, the same research group wanted to deepen the topic.

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Let’s see in detail below in the article how the new test was performed study And what appeared. The conclusions are really interesting and worth knowing and knowing more about.

Eggs for Heart Health: Study Conclusions

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The researchers, supported by a team from the University of Oxford, took the original research group, then 500,000 people and from those selected about 3,400 people who had recently been diagnosed. Cardiovascular problems. The scientists asked them to answer the questions, documenting their condition over a 12-month period regarding 11 foods and their eating habits.

The goal was to focus more on egg consumption, whether it was regular or not, and see how this affected people’s health. Laboratory tests have identified a number of metabolites and markers. By crossing all the data collected on result It was clear again: those with cardiovascular disease did not eat eggs regularly. Whereas, those who eat one a day on average are more protected.

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It is a clear fact that there is lipoprotein A1One of the components of good cholesterol, which increases if eggs are eaten regularly. The protection derives in part from this. However, further investigation is needed on all other materials.

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