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eFootball 2022 You will receive a Modernization Which will turn the game into eFootball 2023 End of August: Konami announced this, adding that more information about the update will be published soon.

As we know, the former Pro Evolution Soccer It was a disastrous first protagonist, but has since been greatly improved over the months, as evidenced by the video comparing the current version and the launch of eFootball 2022.

So we imagine that moving to the 2023 version will bring with it further improvements and revisions, in the context of what is real, as perceived, Live service platform And not as a product that is distributed year after year in a traditional way.

Konami has indicated that it will continue to collect feedback from users in order to offer the most requested features and improve those already in place, so that it can deliver an experience that is in line with enthusiasts’ expectations.

Allocations, credits, and history can be in eFootball 2022 at last to the new version: In this sense, the development team has been invited to check the ads within the game with all the instructions.

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s our eFootball 2022 review.

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