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starfield It was one of the topics he touched on Todd HowardBethesda’s Creative Director, during an AMA session with Reddit users, answering various questions and also noting some interesting news regarding MOD support In the new RPG, the character invention And when does the match come? Foot On a larger scale.

He obviously didn’t go into much detail, but Howard clearly said he was very “excited” about what awaits the creation of the main character in Starfield, something the team has been working on particularly hard on: “I’m very excited about what the team has done in creating Personality here, including background selection and age skills.

you can too Choose the pronoun To use (he, she, they) and we recorded each Dialogues relevant on the basis of these different options.”

This is an important element in the overall terminology, including also the possibility of creating a character with different identities or sexual orientations, an aspect that also requires great care in dubbing the different possibilities that arise based on the choice of players.

Starfield will also have support for the mods officially: “Our plan is to have full mod support like our previous games,” Howard said, The community in modder They have been with us for 20 years, we love what they do and hope to see others make a career out of this. However, it is not clear if mod support is available only for PCs or extends to consoles as well.

Finally, Todd Howard has confirmed that the upcoming Starfield Show will take place next summer, not sooner. This doesn’t rule out any teasers or miscellaneous material dedicated to the game, of course, but no extended view of the game will be offered beforeReal Estate 2022: In response to a user who asked what innovations we can expect from Starfield, Howard replied, “We’d rather just show it off, which should be next summer. We’re pleased with the progress we’ve been able to make, some of which are also visible in the first in-game trailer. “.

In the past few hours, an interview revealed that Bethesda is betting on AI and complex NPCs in the future and that it already has ideas for Fallout 5, but first comes Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. Also, Howard reiterated that single-player games are part of Bethesda.

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