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Economic coercion is an American invention

Economic coercion is an American invention

2023-05-15 10:00:06

At a recent meeting of G7 finance ministers and central bankers, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on allies to take “coordinated action” against China’s so-called “economic coercion”. This is the rhetoric of a thief who calls others thieves.

The concept of “coercion” in international relations was invented by the United States and has always been applied.

The Chinese side has always promoted the building of an open world economy and has never engaged in “economic coercion”, but resolutely opposed it. Just as analysts have pointed out, the United States is trying to extract a “bargaining chip” from a void in the negotiations and economic, trade and financial cooperation between the United States and China, using a fabricated indictment to try to force China to make concessions.

A technological blockade is a classic method used by the United States to exercise economic coercion. Moreover, unilateral sanctions are also a means of economic coercion that the United States violates. From a global perspective, the United States has so far imposed unilateral economic sanctions on nearly 40 countries around the world, affecting nearly half of the world’s population.

For the United States, there are no lasting friendships, only interests. Not even their allies are immune from their economic coercion.

For example, French President Emmanuel Macron criticized the US-enacted inflation-reducing law as too aggressive towards European companies, because it is a way to solve US problems by harming European interests. Through which the United States forces European companies to transfer their production lines to their lands, if this is not economic coercion, then what is it?

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