Eco Evolution Bike Team introduces new entry lady Natasha De Feo

Natasha’s new entry, the bike is a lifestyle

This year, Natasha de Vieux, also known as “The Bike Lady”, joins the women’s roster for the Atripaldese Eco Evolution Bike Team and tells how her passion for cycling was born. I’m an athlete and have been cycling (montai-bike) since I was six. It built the bike and taught me many values ​​that I also consider important in life such as respect for nature, friendship, sharing, altruism, perseverance and why not perseverance. Over the years due to work and not only living between the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, but between luggage, I have never lacked a bike that I took advantage of during my spare time on long trips in the enchanting landscapes of the Sorrento Peninsula. A year ago, it was the turning point that allowed me to fulfill my dream: I bought a race bike and since then I’ve started a new approach to bike living.

Longer rides, more specific trainings to improve, but above all, the meeting and friendship I had with other cyclists, especially Annalisa Albanese who gave me a great opportunity first and foremost to improve my performance and join a great team that I marry and share fully the sustainable environmental cycling method. Natasha, in Crawley (EE) UK Class 80ft Fifty-seven Kilograms per Hundred and Fifty-Eight Centimeters lives in San Michele di Sereno and splits her passion for cycling between family sentiments and the work she does in a well-known winery in the area. Therefore, there are all the conditions and ingredients to make people speak for themselves, and the entire team will do everything possible to support and maintain a great “lifestyle”.

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