Ebola, fear in the UK: a woman hospitalized

UK shaken by Ebola virus. The disease was diagnosed in a woman returning from Asia, the National Health Security Agency revealed. The patient was accepted into the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, but now Royal Free Hospital London, as reported by The Sun. It is a disease transmitted from Hyalomma . tick, which is not found in the UK. Health authorities are now working hard to implement tracking.

Expert opinion

“It is important to realize that Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever It is usually transmitted by tick bites in countries where the disease is endemic, it does not spread easily between people and the overall risk to the public is very low.”Dr Susan Hopkins, Senior Medical Adviser at UKHSA, said: Before today, only two cases of CCHF had been detected in the UK: one in 2014 and the previous case in 2012. Initial symptoms Such as headache, fever, joint pain, abdominal pain and nausea. All are red flags similar to those of Ebola.

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