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If we learn something personal about him Kate Middleton In these years, is this He loves outdoor activities and sports, the values ​​he passed on to his children. So if you think Princes George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, are staying on the couch watching TV or at home playing video games these days… Easter holiday-I was very wrong. The Princess of Wales has, as always, thought of a number of outdoor play activities for themOn the days they won’t be spending with King Charles and the rest of the family at Windsor Castle.

Easter activities chosen by Kate Middleton for her children

The Easter holidays in Italy last a few days, however In the UK, children and young people stay home from school for two weeks, which is a very long period of time to fill in, especially for parents. And Kate Middleton certainly never leaves herself unprepared. Indeed, the Princess of Wales has revealed, on occasions like these, He loves to play sports with his children, which she herself described as “competitive”, just like her. Lewis seems to be a big fan of rugby.

It’s no mystery, in fact, that Kate spent her childhood and adolescence playing sports and living as much as possible in contact with nature in the countryside, and she wants her three children to grow up the same way, a value also shared by Prince William. Even when the family is at home, the couple makes sure to do so Fun but educational activitiesHow to cook The boys seem to be very fascinated with pots and stoves. Everything is strictly together, from domestic activities to those in the countryside: these parties for the royal couple are also a way to spend as much time as possible with their children, to strengthen the relationship. During these holidays, there will be moments dedicated to reading And study, as well as simple moments of complete relaxation.

Kate Middleton’s love of nature and sports has been passed on to her children

Kate Middleton has often spoken aboutThe importance of outdoor activity and exercise, is of great importance even for young children. We’ve seen her a lot in gymnastics, even at formal events, to raise awareness of the sport for young and old, and to get that message out to schools as well.

In fact, in the program followed by the Princess and brought into the classrooms, emphasis is placed on the development of motor activities already in the early years, and on the importance of contact and knowledge of the natural world, flora and fauna: “I think we spend time outdoors when we are young Clarified when presenting the project Back to nature – It can play a role in laying the foundations for children to grow up to be healthy, happy adults.”

It’s not just words, but facts: it is by these principles that Kate and William raise their children. Certainly, they must be accepted, for they are more fortunate than others, and indeed live surrounded by pristine greenery, and attend schools which, right from the first grades, They have courses defined as rural, which sees them, every Friday, camp out on a small campsite, complete with a tent to pitch, plants to check out, and marshmallows to cook over the fire. The most enthusiastic of these activities is undoubtedly Prince Louis, as his mother revealed: “He can’t wait to play outside when he gets home, for him it’s a way to let his energy go and relax after hours of sitting at school.”

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