Easter € 120 from the area for those at home: but the viral warning is false news

One hundred and twenty euros as a gift for those who stay home on Easter and Easter Monday. President Alberto Serio’s gift will be to the Piedmontese “who stay at home responsibly”, according to a message circulating online now and in WhatsApp conversations. A similar connection had already arrived in the last days, even if it was the Lombard ruler Attilio Fontana who saluted those who were willing to abandon the Easter and Easter celebrations, and lock themselves into the house.

Fake news, of course, the district is willing to file a complaint about, calling on Piedmont residents not to click on the form attached to the ad. The link through which the request must be completed in order to receive a generous donation from the region actually opens an image of a chimpanzee smiling sarcastically with a middle finger raised. In short, it’s clearly fake, but it risks creating confusion on days when news about the new restrictions is following each other too in light of Easter days. For this reason, the Territory renews its call for the people of Piedmont to be wary of non-institutional contacts and ready to file a complaint.

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