Earth will bid farewell to the “second moon” next week

Turin This small object has been discovered, which is between 6 and 14 meters in diameter or less As it approaches Earth on September 17th. Its movement was not an “asteroid”, according to NASA’s calculations, it was very slow because it recorded a speed of 3025 km / h. Confirmation came later, when the object He turned into a kind of “little moon” of Earth. It was November 8, 2020, when this object, later renamed “2020 SO”, began to orbit our planet. On December 1, it reached its closest point, as only 5 thousand km had passed from us (13% of the lunar distance).

Goodbye “second moon”

It is only at that stage that a foreign body has been identified so far: It was actually an enhanced Centaur missileWhich launched on the moon with the “Surveyor 2” mission in the mid-1960s. Its path will bring it closer to our planet in February, and it will reach nearly 220,000 km (58% of the distance between Earth and the Moon). At this point it will begin to abandon Earth’s orbit, a fluctuation that will end in March 2021, when it becomes another object orbiting the sun. Next March 1 The Virtual Telescope Project in Rome will broadcast live “The Last Farewell” a 2020 SO.

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