Earth, the heart of our planet, has reversed its spin. What are the effects of life?

He slowed down, stopped, perhaps reversed his movement. According to the scientific hypothesis of Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song, Chinese researchers from Peking University, the inner core of the Earth, 5,000 kilometers deep, would have reversed its rotation (but there is no certainty), with unknown remains on the surface of the Earth. But according to the pair of scientists, this change coincides with the cyclical changes that occur in the Earth system, every 70 years.

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The role of the nucleus

The Chinese study, published in Nature Geoscience, focused on the oscillation of the core, a viscous ball with a radius of about 1,220 kilometers, smaller than the moon, and consisting of an alloy of iron and nickel, which can reach a temperature similar to the surface of the sun, but that despite the temperatures very high, it remains solid due to the strong pressure preventing the metal from melting. Indeed, it is very difficult to obtain scientific certainty about the nucleus, which although close in respect of spatial distances, cannot be examined by any instrument due to the high temperatures and internal pressures.

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rotation effects

Fairly recent studies of the core reveal that it is isolated from the upper layers of the Earth by the liquid outer fluid, allowing it to rotate in a different way than on Earth; The magnetic field generated by the outer core would, in fact, allow it, while the gravitational effects of the mantle, one of the concentric shells that make up the Earth, balance the motion.

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By studying the propagation of seismic waves generated by some of the violent earthquakes recorded in the 1960s and comparing that propagation with similar earthquakes that occurred in the 1990s, Chinese researchers have noted anomalies. Discrepancies indicate that the rotation of the Earth’s core may have changed in the meantime. But in this regard there is a division in the international scientific community. “There is nothing really new about all this. The Earth’s core is something very far away, it is impossible to reach it and for this reason the hypotheses about its blooming are like mushrooms », comment published by Massimo Chiappini, Director of the Environment Department of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, to ANSA .

What changes

According to the scientists in Beijing, the variation in rotation on a decadal scale can and would have happened, but it will not have repercussions such as changing life on the planet, but understanding the phenomenon of depth can help understand the effects that resonate. on the surface of the ground. “But these are hypotheses. It is possible, but they are data that prove nothing. Many other unknown factors could disturb the propagation of seismic waves – Chiappini said again -.

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