Earpuff, dry coupon and earp. What you have to pay

Upcoming tax deadlines for taxpayers. Fra, Irpef, dry coupon on rentals, flat rate schemes (fat tax) and Irap and Ires November will be a month for Italian revenue collection. The main date is November 30: By that date, taxpayers required to make payments resulting from annual tax returns to individuals, partnerships, and similar entities as well as Irap must pay the second or individual installment of personal income tax and Irap for 2022.

I see goodbye, “quotient”. Income divided by the number of children, here’s how it works

Taxes, tax deadlines for November

On the same date, homeowners who have been rented will also have to pay the second or single installment of what is called a “Secca cedolare.” In the same way, VAT number holders and companies on a flat rate basis (the so-called flat tax) will have to pay the second or only alternative income tax deposit. Teachers will also have to pay the second or only tax deposit for tutoring. In 2021, the personal income tax alone brought 198.203 billion to the state treasury, while the system of fully subsidized tax rates, replacing the personal income tax, brought 3.310 billion to the treasury. Meanwhile, Mestre CGIA highlights that Italy’s tax burden, given the ratio between tax revenue and GDP, has reached 43.8%. “A level never seen before.”

However, the record – which confirms the link – is not attributable to increased taxes on households and corporations, but through the interaction of three distinct economic aspects: the sharp increase in inflation, which caused the rise in indirect taxes; the economic and employment improvement that occurred in the early part of the year, which helped the growth of direct taxation; The introduction of several extensions and suspensions of the abolished 2022 tax payments in the 2020-2021 biennium. One allowance, a measure that replaced “old” deductions for dependent children. This change (all other things being equal) has obvious implications for calculating the tax burden.

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