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developers mockery They declared that Exit date Predicted: The horror game will be available starting from 14 October 2022.

there Previous release date It was October 21, 2022: so the irony’s progression was one week. This is a rarity in gaming: video games are usually put off, not expected.

The announcement was made via Scorn’s official social channels, where a brief tractor Which concludes with a new history. “I’ve waited long enough…” the tweet reads.

We explained to you in our rehearsal that “the first hour of contempt was as repellent and unnerving as expected. The trailers and development diaries prepared us for intense body horror and a terrifying and terrifying game world, where flesh and metal intertwine. Surreal way. What surprised instead was the complete absence of traditional enemies and the focus on Environmental puzzles, with puzzles hopefully as complex and unsettling as those you encountered at the beginning of the game. Software, but amid a torrent of horror games similar to each other, Scorn promises to be a disturbing and welcome novelty.”

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