Earl Hayden, father of Nikki, dies. The son said in a book

The father of the 2006 MotoGP world champion passed away at his home in Kentucky, entrusting his son’s story to the book “The Racing’s First Family”

He has been suffering from a bad illness for years, and indeed when his son Nikki was chosen one Motorcycle legendsEarl Hayden, the ancestor of one of the most famous racing families in the United States, was showing signs of illness in 2019 in Austin. But with the tenacity that always distinguished him, he continued to fight. Until a few hours ago, when the father of the 2006 world champion as well as Tommy, Roger Lee and Kathleen, apparently all pilots at some point in their lives, left his home in Owensboro, Kentucky. It was the seat of the “first racing family”, judging from the title book written by a former jockey and then motorcycle and parts salesman a few years ago also to tell the story of Nikki.

Homecoming for Christmas

He accompanied his son and rider who managed to interrupt Valentino Rossi’s winning streak, his companion first at Honda and then at Ducati, in that daring final of the 2006 season, with Rossi starting from number one as the world championship leader, and regressing after a few laps to deliver the world to the Kentucky Kid. . Hayden Sr. was recently hospitalized with an exacerbation, but in recent days doctors have allowed him to go home for vacations with the family.

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