Each pimple hides valuable health information that everyone should know

The imperfections that characterize our face are the most diverse. From spots, to snow, as well as hated and beloved freckles.

But today we want to focus on the deficiency par excellence that everyone hates: pimples. They are scientifically defined as papules to indicate subcutaneous eruptions, and blisters for further inflamed eruptions.

It can be sporadic manifestations or diffuse acne and it can appear in different areas. They prefer the face, but they can also highlight the back and chest.

Each pimple hides valuable health information that everyone should know

It would be unusual to find that the location of this rash on the face is not entirely coincidental.

In fact, modern dermatologists attribute different causes to pimples on a specific area of ​​the face. Their appearance has various causes, from hormonal imbalance, to excessive stress, to excess sebum or to the use of medications.

Here is the meaning of pimples on the face by region.

Pimples in the chin area

Blisters in this area are usually characterized by hormonal imbalances or the use of contraceptives such as pills. So the appearance of these blemishes could indicate gynecological and hormone problems.

On the temples

There is various information on the appearance of defects in this area. According to the director of the New York City Department of Dermatology at Mountain Sinai Hospital, pimples in this area are caused by the use of hair products near the skin and poorly rinsing them. While the Chinese medicine It states that appearing in this area indicates kidney and bladder problems.

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Blisters near the mouth

According to dermatologists, these pimples are attributed to the ingestion of certain foods, such as fast food and acidic foods. These can promote inflammation and the typical white pimples.

On the neck

Blisters on the neck seem to have different connotations between men and women. For women it represents the approach to menstruation. For men, the cause is more of stress, or simply beard.

Pimples on cheeks

These impurities are usually attributed to the hormonal imbalances associated with periods of high stress. In these cases, there is an increase in the stress hormone cortisol. But according to some dermatologists, the inflammation in these areas comes from bacterial contamination. This may be caused by skin contact and dirty objects.

On the forehead and nose

The appearance of pimples in these areas is caused by stress and hormonal imbalances.
On the other hand, according to Chinese medicine, it may pose a problem related to the intestine, stomach, and thus the digestive system. But it may also be due to excessive consumption of dairy products and sweets. On the other hand, they indicate an incorrect diet. The nose also, according to reflexology, corresponds to the pancreas, so there may be problems related to this organ.

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