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The Queen of the Whisperers for Destiny 2 is here and Bungie decided to tell us about this expansion, stating that one of the goals was to make each mission look like it’s part of Star Trek or The Mandalorian.

Through the PS Blog, it was written: “One of the things I think was done really well in the campaign is to create unique and memorable missions,” says Andrew Hobbs, designer of Destiny 2 the Queen of Whispers. “It was one of our founding principles. We wanted each mission to look like an episode of a TV series like Star Trek or The Mandalorian, rather than a movie that lives in parts. Each mission should be instantly memorable because of its own distinct themes, for the journey it took player and unforgettable moments, all in the middle of a narrative arc of the main campaign.”

Destiny 2 Queen of Whispers
Destiny 2 Queen of Whispers

Bungie’s goal was to create “epic” moments during missions Destiny 2 Queen of Whispers. So it looks like Bungie has chosen a specific style for this expansion. The Queen of Whispers was the most pre-ordered DLC for Destiny 2, so Bungie is sure to hope that the final quality of the product will please fans.

Bungie recently asked fans to admit cheating in a survey. The goal is to understand the amount of cheating and how to improve the game at the same time as publishing The Queen of Whispers.

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