€500 reward in shopping vouchers for those who are vaccinated

The Austrian government will consider introducing incentives to vaccinate as many people as possible by February 2022, the month when the vaccination obligation comes into effect.

After the lockdown on non-vaccinators which will last until January 10, the next measure that could represent a payment for immunization could be a bonus of €500, paid out in the form of a spending bonus. It is a proposal from the Social Democrats, and the Ove and Verdi government say they are willing to talk about it. It is not yet clear who to turn to, exclusively for those who should receive the booster or even the most stubborn of all. Currently in Austria, the vaccinated population remains at 70.6%.

What proportion of the population already vaccinated without receiving any contribution would you consider the action? For virologist Fabrizio Brigliasco, the idea of ​​a reward would have come too late and now it will be disrespectful towards those who have been vaccinated before. “I think at the moment there is no incentive that can hack the No-Vax system with their ideological ideas – Pregliasco reports for La Presse. “For those who have not been vaccinated for understandable fears, it is necessary to deal with correct communication” – concludes the virologist.

According to the Austrian Ministry of Health: “It is important to convey the message to the undecided that the vaccine protects not only them, but also those close to them.” And if this is not enough, huge fines in Austria will soon provide incentives for a vaccine, which will become mandatory from February 2022.

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