E3 2021 “will be a free digital offering” officially confirms ESA –

By return mail, the Entertainment Software Association or Which – whichIt is the association that organizes and managesE3 2021, Confirmed via Twitter that the rumors circulating are false and that “E3 2021 will be one Free digital offer To all participants. “

ESA refers to one VGC News Nibel resumes from within as there is talk of my E3 2021 numbers, but it could hide some content behind Pay Type of.

Although prof April FoolThe official position of the European Space Agency makes this rumor more true than it seemed at first. In the document obtained by VGC, in fact, one can read about how the E3 2021 organizer is trying to create an event suitable for everyone, from professionals to the public, through the media of course.

This digital event will be called 100% Experience electronic entertainment (So ​​always E3) and it would have had keywords, an introductory show, and some award deliveries, plus appointments by which studios could interview journalists through a video app.

According to the document, the European Space Agency was seeking cooperation NVidia To create exclusive streams with GeForce Now. Moreover, according to the VGC, many of these designations would be hidden behind a “firewall” of some sort that would limit access to some content.

Unfortunately, for the ESA, this information does not correspond to reality. “We look forward to filling you with real news about the event,” there criticism Which archived ESA, for now, the discussion at E3 2021.

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