E3 2021 Trailer Built With Game Engine, No CGI –

According to artist Keith Beltramini, the Trailer for a movie From starfield Seen at E3 2021, it was not CGI, but was made with Creation Engine 2, which is game engine. Beltramini, a lighting specialist, took care of the lighting system seen in the video.

The information is almost certainly correct, because Beltramini included it in his biography ArtStation. So it is difficult for him to start saying nonsense, and he risks that if checked by potential employers, he will make an unprofessional character, missing out on some great opportunities.

Let’s read what the artist writes:I made the lighting system for Starfield’s 2021 trailer. Using Creativity Engine 2, we created everything in-game, without any cinematic tools. She worked closely with the director, Istvan Bely, to assist him with the artistic direction of the photography and the atmosphere.

So, really, is this teaser a taste of what we’ll see in the final? It’s hard to say, because while it’s true that it’s made in the game engine, it’s also true that it doesn’t mean that some aspect can’t be pushed to make everything look more beautiful. Let’s say it’s a good hypothesis, yes, and it’s nice to see Bethesda Finally with a graphics engine in keeping with the times, which also bodes well for his other projects in development, such as The Elder Scrolls VI.

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