€200 tire bonus, a new incentive for motorists on the horizon

Soon there may be a new bonus in Italy targeting motorists to change tires by purchasing more efficient tires to save fuel.

Bonus frames, suggestion

The text was included in three similar amendments to the energy decree under discussion in Parliament, by Lega, Movimento 5 stelle and Forza Italia. If the proposal is approved in the Energy Ordinance currently under discussion in the Chamber, it will be vouchers worth 200 euros “for the purchase and installation of four C1 tires, as defined in Regulation (EC) 661/2009”.

Tire bonus, what’s that

The contributions must be financed from a fund with a grant of 20 million euros with the aim, through the replacement of old tires, “to achieve CO2 reduction in road transport, as well as reduce the impact of the increase in fuel prices. For citizens and increase the level of safety for the vehicle fleet “the amendments stipulated that Reward motorists for purchasing “environmentally friendly” and safe Class A or B tires which represent the models with less rolling resistance or shorter braking distance.

Reward frames, recipients

The Tire Bonus is aimed at those who buy new tires with Class A or B ratings. It can benefit more than 100,000 people. The contribution each will be equal to €200, to be spent by December 31, 2022, cannot be transferred to third parties and will not be valid as taxable income.

Tire bonus, how it works

The document states that it is the duty of the tire dealer “after the issuance of the relevant invoice or receipt, to request a refund of the value of the coupon used by the user no later than one hundred and twenty days” from the issuance of the tax document.

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