Dying Light for Nintendo Switch, Here’s a Digital Foundry Analysis –

dying light will appear for the first time Nintendo Switch Within a couple of days, Digital Foundry was able to try the game in preview for the usual game creation Technical Analysis. Are we facing a new superhero transformation of the Japanese console hybrid?

While PS5 and Xbox Series X owners wait | With the Dying Light’s next generation upgrade, which is apparently arriving soon, it looks like Switch users can actually count on a solid version of motion survival based on the zombies.

The developers have already solved a problem Precision Using reconstruction technology that allowed it to display at values ​​below 1080p in docked mode or 720p in portable mode, but without excessive loss of detail.

Effects have been scaled back, however, some issues pop up when exploring the scene and frame rate, although almost always in line with the goal 30 frames per secondIt appears inconsistent due to a frame speed issue. The update, however, should settle the matter.

You can read our review of Dying Light for Nintendo Switch soon.

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