Dying Light 2 will be released in 2021, Techland is showing a short game sequence

Just as promised, Techland has returned to provide us with a file New update regarding the development of Dying Light 2It is a highly anticipated title that has disappeared from the radar for some time, causing concern among many.

The Polish Development House has released a new video in which it responds sarcastically to people who over the past few months have expressed their worries and concerns about their health condition. Death light 2Especially after Case involving Chris Avillon. In response to the lively and honest messages from the community, Techland has finally confirmed that,very soonMore news will come about the game. The developers have confirmed that they are working on the The projectHuge and complex“It took a long time to be able to give tangible form a creative vision that could fully meet the needs of the players.

Techland wants to create an address capable of “Engaging players for monthsHe requested community support as he prepares to speak more openly about Dying Light 2 over the coming weeks. Finally a new taste for the game has been introduced. At the end of the video you find at the top of the news, the play window is also revealed: Dying Light 2 will be released within 2021.

While waiting for more information, Techland finally invites you to contact the game’s official dispute server with which you can send your questions directly to the developers.

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