Dying Light 2 OP . firearm added

Apparently Techland lied to us: Inside the Dying Light 2 there is a “firearm”. This is probably one of the smartest Easter eggs we’ve ever seen.

The game produced by Techland is actually a melting pot of Easter eggs and there are all kinds, from the game dedicated to Doom to the game Doom Cyberpunk 2077 movie to a well-hidden level that pays tribute to galaxy Away. And some Easter eggs are only usable if you find other Easter eggs. More from Matryoshka Easter egg. What we’re talking about today is a beautiful mockery of the idea of ​​firearms.

Dying Light 2, OP Firearm Added - Video
Dying Light 2, Firearm OP added – video (Photo: Turtle Rock Studios)

Among other things, if it is needed, it is an illustration of how the development studio has not betrayed its expectations. fan Which showed how the first light was dying Hazar Even for kids only anomaly It could have been found scattered here and there and this made the environments more interesting.

Inside Dying Light 2 “shoot” with your fingers

Perhaps the most creative Easter egg slipped in a Techland game is a glove called “Left finger of GloVa“Its purpose to relieve Your character into a capable killer Success far away. Obviously, if you want this addon, the path that Techland put in place is very complicated precisely because it is so object strong It is technically the only firearm in the entire game.

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In keeping with other things in this crumbling world, the left finger of Glova is also presented in the form of The project To be then transformed with an appropriate amount of pieces into a real object. In particular you can find it hidden in a file attached Surrounded by scary bears. The best way to get to it is to do it after completing the given task Broadcasting Because it makes the path less complicated. Less complicated but no less Tired Given that in any case we’re going ups and downs between buildings, and trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible by speaking this way, it’s clear that you’ll be making your way through a series of crowded environments.

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Still talking about Easter eggs, we also point out that there is a possibility that the power of hands will always be possessed. Darth Vader to throttle Enemies from a distance and get your hands hoverboard Straight from back to the future.

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