Dying Light 2 has become so complex, Techland has cut a feature –

Death light 2 It became a project so complicatedAnd then Techland Take advantage of the extra time guaranteed by game delay to simplify the structure with specific pieces Feature.

That’s the basic meaning of the words spoken by lead game designer Tymon Smektala, who in recent days has talked about how to play Dying Light 2 entirely in a four-player co-op, but without customizable rules.

“I think it’s fair to say that we all hoped for less difficulty,” Smectala said. However, even though we ran into some problems with the Size And the ambition of the project, we did not waste time and pushed the game forward with every new step. “

“We had to find an efficient structure, the right balance between Play e Tell my storiesTo deal with a little bit of pressure, but I think all of this made us wiser and more experienced as a team. The game has benefited from all of this as well, and fortunately we’re almost ready to get it right. “

Dying Light 2, hand-to-hand combat sequence.
Dying Light 2, hand-to-hand combat sequence.

“He surprised us there complication Of our creature. It is a choice game in which each decision creates a different version of reality, which in turn has to be tested, balance, etc. It’s hard to point to one aspect that we’ve improved over time, because the whole game has moved forward, and it’s getting more focused and refined. In particular on the technical level. “

However, it took some time to finalize City alignment-The gameplay mechanism that allows you to craft the playable items that appear in the game. In the early stages of the project it was really complicated, but then we realized that we were not building a strategic project and that only slowed down the progress. In the end, the challenge was figuring out how much of the mechanic we wanted to keep. “

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