Duplicate support, another folder group extension: how long

Another two months to stop collecting tax bills. It is one of the measures contained in Support decree bis It was just launched by the Cabinet and presented at a press conference by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, with a gap of 40 billion euros. The dealership car will remain idle until June 30, and then be put back into operation from July 1. Even if their effects are suspended, any measures adopted or achievements implemented between May 1 and the decree’s entry into force will remain in effect.

Duplicate support, suspension of tax bill collection: a further two-month extension

After the previous postponement until April 30, they are still standing Blocked Debt notices and executive evaluations assigned to the collection agent, sending new tax invoices and precautionary or executive measures such as administrative suspensions, mortgages and mortgage seizures.

The Extension It also relates to mandatory checks on default of public administrations and publicly owned companies before payments can be made. An amount exceeding 5,000 euros.

Waiver of Tax Bills: Waiting for the Rules

In terms of groups, the Decree according to which criteria and dates for the cancellation of old tax invoices are determined. The Transfer Act for the first ‘Support Ordinance’ has come into effect, counting down the 30-day period available to the tax authorities to determine the criteria that will be adopted to remove all roles not exceeding € 5,000, from January 1 2000 to December 31 2010.

The tax authorities will have to provide clarifications on the cap as well with regard to the expression Single loads. According to the definition already adopted in the extracts of draft laws amounting to a thousand euros from the bond issued at the end of 2018, the reference must relate to the disputed individual violations.

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This means that if each of these disagreements does not go beyond the limit, then on the date of entry into force of the Sostegni Decree (March 23), they can be removed Even if they all come in at more than 5 thousand euros.

Taxpayers who will be able to benefit from removing old files must prove taxable income in the 2019 tax year, and thus with reference to the 2020 announcement, Up to 30,000 euros.

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