Ducati SCR-E, the foldable city e-bike (and more)

Together with electric scooters, the e-bike They are actually queens sustainable urban mobility. Rented or private, it’s now hard not to see them roaming the big cities. A fashion that seems destined to last. Taking advantage of this positive trajectory, more and more motorcycle companies have decided to make their debut in the precision mobility sector. One of the first was ducati which in cooperation with MT . distribution, established its line of scooters and e-bikes. When talking about e-bikes, one of the most successful models is SCR-EAnd the foldable electric bike Which is distinguished by its huge tires, which are useful not only in the city but also for pedaling in the toughest terrain.

We were talking about Wheels: 20″ in diameter and 4″ wide, which allows the Ducati SCR-E to Drive with full grip even on rough terrain or off-road. The The frame is made of lightweight aluminum (The weight of the bike is 24 kg) but with a specially designed design to increase its resistance, and it is equipped with Luxurious handle with easy folding technology. This allows you to easily fold and close the car and load it either in the car or on public transport. over there Samsung 36V 10.4Ah 374Wh Battery It is fully integrated into the frame, and when fully charged, allows you to travel up to 70 km (A number that can vary depending on the level of assist used, the rider’s weight, the muscle strength applied to the pedal, the tire pressure, the road slope and the number of stops and restarts). Charging time is about 4-6 hours. Let’s talk about the engine. The e-bike is equipped with 8FUN 250W brushless rear motor Which, according to Ducati, requires minimal maintenance and has a very low level of wear. It is also able to withstand different levels of speed well, is silent and is ideal for urban vehicle use. Taillights in the lower column and LCD Display, of the latest generation, equipped with an afterglow sensor for automatic switching of lights and detection of outside temperature. The Ducati SCR-E e-bike is priced at €1.799.

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Here is the E-Scrambler, Ducati’s electric bike

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