Dubbing and motion capture completed, English is the main language –

Final Fantasy 16 It continues to develop and it is clear that Square Enix should have finished recordings related to Dubbing and capturing facial movement, both were done first in أولا Einglish, with a subsequent new version in Japanese.

It’s a rather strange case, because Japanese productions of this genre are supposed to be done starting with Japanese actors and voice actors, and later re-dubbed in English for overseas markets, but Final Fantasy 16 has ruined This is clearly a tradition.

It’s not official news because it was reported on Twitter by Ash user in reference to a statement he made Naoki Yoshida During a TV appearance during the Washagana Show: Based on this, the team appears to have finished audio recordings and capturing the performance with English voices and possibly Anglo-Saxon or Western actors.

When questioned further on the matter, Ash confirmed that the English language had been adopted as the starting point for Final Fantasy 16, and Yoshida “appears to have specifically mentioned how he wanted toBritish English as a basis and capture the faces of the actors as a result, with Japanese recordings to be made in the following weeks.”

Although this sounds trivial, it brings with it some interesting considerations: first of all it tells us that it is Development From Final Fantasy 16 it lasted until the end of the performance capture, i.e. the actors recording the acting and the recording of the dialogues.

The other question is that it is likely that the models used to build the characters Western sides, which may necessitate stylistic differences in the presentation of the facial animation and in the construction of dialogues, where English seems to be the starting point.

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For the rest, there is still a wait for the game considering that according to some information, Final Fantasy 16 could premiere again in 2022, and may not even be at TGS 2021.

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