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Drought, the United States announces an unprecedented water outage in Arizona and Nevada

The southwestern United States is facing unprecedented drought: the Colorado River has almost dried up.

No water, no tip – The Colorado River’s water level for the first time crossed a threshold that prompted the Biden administration to make unprecedented water cuts in Arizona, Nevada and other southwestern US states in an effort to mitigate the potential amount of distress. grip drought. As reported by the local authorities themselves, in fact, the southwest of the region United State He is forced to deal with a water crisis like never before, with farmers having to sell their flocks in order to put a portion of their budgets and Colorado, the lifeblood of this part of the country, which as mentioned you find it almost dried up.

It’s important to note, staying within the context of the Great River, that warnings of a potential drought emergency have actually been in vogue for at least two decades—the time frame in which scientists have already recorded much lower-than-average precipitation. Local authorities have spent the past two decades warning countries that rely on Colorado That it was appropriate to reduce it or at least make it more efficient consumption of water, but without achieving any tangible results – a shortage that has so far forced the federal government to impose cuts violent.

L ‘ArizonaFor example, you will have to reduce water use by 21% and Nevada 8%: In this context we point out that the same Deputy Minister of Interior, Tommy Boudrow He made sure to reassure citizens that there was still time to reach an agreement and that the aforementioned cuts would not be introduced before an agreement was reached with the countries involved. A few kilometers further south, meanwhile, we find other attempts to deal with drought: Mexico’s president told breweries to stop production to save water.

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