Driving license becomes a smartphone app, QR code instead of roadblock, otherwise don’t circulate

A real novelty coming to the ID card but also to the driver’s license.

These two become essential documents Digital So everything changes for the Italians.

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I was kulao To reveal this profound transformation. But let’s see how Italians have to adapt to this real Digital transformation and what it changes in practice.

Documents go digital: watch what changes

Italy aims to have the two most important identity documents, the driver’s license and the identity card no longer paper documents but as facts on your mobile phone thanks to App io. So the IO app replaces all identity documents. For the police, just scan the QR code of the Io app to find out if the person is bound by the ID card and also with the driver’s license. Obviously for those who haven’t kept up with the IO There will be the same penalties for those who do not have an ID card or a driver’s license today.

A revolution for the citizens but also at the checkpoint

In fact, new digital ID cards and driver’s licenses are replacing paper cards.


It is a technological revolution that includes not only citizens but It also includes the police who will have to control them. So checking your ID card and driver’s license is simple Scan the QR code just like the green lane.

How does this revolution work?

According to Colau, international agreements could start as early as 2023 For this real revolution the Italians will obviously have to adapt. So for the police, the inspections will be easier but also for the citizens There will be the advantage of not having to carry these two documents with you. It is a European protocol that will make these digital documents real standards valid throughout the European Union and thus these documents This new method of control will also be valid everywhere in Europe. So innovation goes hand in hand with simplicity, but as always, extra help is needed for those who might have less faith in technology.

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