Draw for the U-20 World Cup: Semi-final and Final. There is Italy! Calendar, schedule, schedules, TV and broadcast

Italy, Israel, South Korea, and one between the United States and Uruguay. The four teams that will compete in semi-finals of the U-20 World Cup, Taking place in Argentina, it is roughly defined. Only the last member is missing, who will leave the challenge scheduled between the Americans and the South Americans at 11pm Italian time. A kind of derby that will close the picture of the final stage of the tournament organized by FIFA.

To the two European teams that outperformed each other on Saturday Colombia And Brazil By knocking out two of the big favorites in the title race, the surprise was added South Korea. The Asians managed to beat mighty Nigeria 1-0 in extra time, The only team so far able to stop the Azzurrini is Carmine Nunziata. A network that doomed Africans to annihilate them, and who controlled a large area for over 90 years.

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Both semi-finals will be played Thursday, June 8th. Azzurrini match will take place It’s 11 pm Italian time And they will, as always, be visible on TV and on the web. Rai will broadcast the match live on TV (exact channel will be specified) and live broadcast on Rai Play. The other semi-final scheduled at 19.30, It will put Israel in the face of the United States and Uruguay, and it can be inundated with FIFA +.

The two finals (1st/2nd place and 3rd/4th place) will take place on Sunday, June 11th at the same times. Below is the full schedule to understand Where to see on TV and broadcast Semi-finals of the U-20 World Cup.

Under-20 world semi-final and final calendars

Thursday, June 8th

19.30 – Israel – USA / Uruguay – Live on Fifa +

11.00 PM – Italy – South Korea – Live TV on Rai channels (detailed schedule to be determined); Live broadcast on Rai Play and Fifa +

Sunday 11th June

19.30 – 3rd / 4th place finalist

11.00pm – 1st/2nd Place Final

Under 20 Global Semi-Finals: How to See Them on TV and Live

Israel and the United States/Uruguay

Live broadcast: Fifa+, free

Italy and South Korea

He lives: Rai channels (detailed schedule will be specified), unencrypted

Live broadcast: Rai Play and Fifa + for free

Direct live text: OA Sports

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