Drain a checking account thanks to an email

Bank scams are back. The scams are back with the usual links and many words placed in the right place, often in disguise.

Unicredit scam
Unicredit (Adobe) scam

A complete scam, because unfortunately we often have to watch from daily news pages. The way to win, for me scammers, which is necessary to write a credible text, to link it to a link that somehow points to a dummy file home banking And that’s it. Many citizens still fall for it, many citizens consider the content of the email to be valid and, when in doubt, accept the information provided.

This is the text whole wheat From the email in question, which recently caused much more “victims” than expected: “Dear customer UniCreditThrough this email, we inform you that we have deactivated all online operations with your credit card and the functionality of your UniCredit account. This will prevent you from being able to perform Payments Online with your credit card, receive or send money by bank transfer and much more. To open your account and card credit For online payments, you need to confirm some of your information such as your phone number and UniCredit membership code. To do this, visit our page dedicated to checks and updates by clicking on the link next. After confirming the number Phone associated with your account and the subscription code for your UniCredit account, all functionality of your account and your UniCredit card will be restored.”

Link references and all useful information are scammed

As can be seen in the text Mail There are all useful indications, in fact, for deception. The elusive reason why the institute would have sent its message account holders And all the procedures to follow, including the links that are supposed to help you take the various steps. Obviously at the end of everything there is a subtraction of part or all of the available balance on your own Bank account.

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Scams that still haunt web usersCitizens, account holders or not from banking institutions. Technologies tested Who spares no one, feeds on the doubts and doubts of the victims, who, in spite of everything, keep punctuality, Autumn Always in the network.

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