Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Bardock – Alone Against Fate review

The new Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC is an excellent opportunity to relive one of the lesser-known chapters of Akira Toriyama’s work and in this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Bardock – Alone Against Fate review We’ll tell you how it compares to the bonus content that preceded it, A New Force Awakens (Part 1 and Part 2) and Trunks: The Warrior of Hope.

which will then be titled Bardock: Alone Against Fate, but the Italian localization respects our historical adaptation, so we will find Bardock, Goku’s father, in a short campaign that adapts the 1990 OAV, Dragon Ball Z: Origins of the Legend, in a spectacular way CyberConnect2. That means we’re dealing with more Bardock… bad, let’s put it that way, than he did in flashbacks to the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly feature film.

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The fights of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Bardock – Alone Against Fate are absolutely amazing

there country side, accessible from the usual private screen, begins with Bardak and his team of Saiyans just conquering another world on Freeza’s behalf, while baby Goku is born on the planet Vegeta. Back at the base, Bardak and his men receive a new mission: to exterminate the inhabitants of the planet Kanasa. The mission will set off a chain of events that will lead Bardak to make dramatic choices, but those who know Dragon Ball well should know this. First, however, there is DLC to play and, in fact, CyberConnect2, while telling an already well-known story, has expanded it with gameplay moments that allow the player a minimum level of freedom.

It must be said that the DLC is categorically taken care of: it also offers some features New maps Reasonably sized, including Planet Vegeta. This isn’t a particularly extensive or interactive scenario, on the contrary it’s rather boring, but it does have some gems – like the tavern where Saiyans meet – and secondary activities that we’re used to in the base game, like fishing or training points.

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In this sense, Bardock – Alone Against Fate is a real mini-campaign, complete with side quests that grant new Soul Emblems, consumables and resources, and that above all tells us something more about the hero’s companions, who here feature more than a short animation. there Main story It takes about an hour and a half to complete, though it does take a bit more to see everything and unlock every possible content, including a short but delicious post-credits mission.

CyberConnect2 also attempted an unusual approach in terms of gameplay. the combat system It remains the same as in the base game – Bardak obviously has his skills, to be learned and upgraded in the appropriate screen – but the Japanese developer introduced the mechanics of the legions, where you find yourself having to defeat dozens if not hundreds of enemies in the same battle.

In Alone Against Fate, you can explore the planet Vegeta
In Alone Against Fate, you can explore the planet Vegeta

It may sound like a dynamo designed just to lengthen the broth, but there are actually a couple of ways to make life easier. The first is to look up secondary goals On the map: By participating in small clashes, you can reduce the number of enemies that you have to eliminate in the main campaign battle. The player can choose whether to test himself, facing an infinite number of enemies in a very long and also tedious battle, or overcome the problem with this workaround.

the Z Strike It is also an unprecedented maneuver, available at different power levels, with which a good number of opponents can be wiped out in an instant: obviously designed to shorten fights that would end in a very long time, but again the player can choose whether to use it or not. In the end, these mechanics don’t change the combat system in a stark way, but when we got to the fourth DLC, there was definitely a need to revamp the gameplay at least a bit, even if we didn’t feel like saying that CyberConnect2 has completely hit the mark.

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Next year release

Bardock and his team of Saiyans in the Alone Against Fate DLC
Bardock and his team of Saiyans in the Alone Against Fate DLC

We played Alone Against Fate on PlayStation 5, taking advantage of the free upgrade from PlayStation 4. Apparently, there were various issues with the same updates for other next-gen platforms, but we have to admit we didn’t run into any of them: we simply re-downloaded the game. PlayStation 5 version You have agreed to transfer the archives from the PlayStation 4 version.

However, it’s not like the update fundamentally changes the experience. We chose to play in it performance mode To enjoy the promised fluidity of 60 FPS which makes the fights more engaging and exciting, but in terms of performance, we noticed some slowdowns in the most exciting moments. the resolution is imperceptibly better; At best, you’ll notice a wider field of view and more environmental detail when flying high and fast. In this sense, in addition to greater fluidity, the most fundamental improvement certainly concerns i downloadsFaster.

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