Draghi’s Government Tax Reform, From Flat Tax Farewell to Home Tax Reduction: News Under Study

Draghi’s Government Tax Reform, a lot Ads To study the executive branch: WhoGood-bye From the beloved A small flat tax Up to 65,000 euros for Lower your home tax.

Among the hypotheses in this area, there is also a decrease in dissociation Personal income tax rates Which penalizes middle and low incomes a lot.

Among the issues that need to be addressed are there as well Collection: Let’s not forget to pause sending 50 million records (Plus a comment ForeclosuresValid until February 28, 2021.

Among the priorities of the Draghi government, in addition to managing the epidemic and the vaccine plan, is tax reform: let’s see what’s the latest news.

Draghi’s Government Tax Reform: Goodbye Flat Tax? The news is under study

For months, tax reform occupied a prominent place among the ideas of those in the government. To find out how the new Prime Minister Draghi will structure him (and what and how many resources) we have to wait for an official document.

In the meantime, however, the former president of the European Central Bank is consulting with parties, whose spokespeople are making interesting statements about the fixed tax farewell: There will be no room for the 15% fixed rate system in the envisaged tax reform. By Draghi.

The tax system that Draghi is working on will be based on progressive and anti-tax evasion: reshaping personal income tax rates without increasing the tax burden or adding new taxes.

Until the second CottarelliWho headed the table of accountants was yesterday February 8 in Hearing in the room, Tax reform should go in the direction of a Greater homogeneityHence bypassing the dividing lines Among employees, retirees, and the self-employed.

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An idea is a new idea ‘Total withdrawal’He explained that it must be accompanied by the introduction of a fixed rate deduction for the costs of producing employee income: this approach would lead to the farewell of the flat rate scheme of up to 65,000 euros in annual revenue and bonuses.

Among Kotarelli’s proposals is also a temporary tax cut Second income holder From the family: a way to encourage female employment.

Tax reform, Draghi’s government and bill collection

Draghi’s government faces another pressing issue: on March 1, it sent 50 million documents (of which 34 million tax bills H 16 million notifications from the Revenue Agency).

The financial period granted by Decree No. 7/2021 expires on February 28, and it is a priority to do something for citizens, professionals, and companies that cannot operate at full capacity due to restrictions.

Extending the bridge to halt proceedings was a painkiller, and the former CEO only put off the problem. Among the “more structured” possible solutions:

Otherwise, the Draghi government could also opt for a further extension of the hiatus with an amendment to the Millbrough decree that will be introduced by tomorrow, February 10.

Draghi’s Government Tax Reform: How Are Home Taxes Changing?

Part of the reform could be devoted to restructuring the brick tax: Confedilizia has already raised its nose to hear proposals from technicians who in recent days have been talking about re-imposing housing taxes and revising cadastral estimates.

Even a dry coupon, easy tax on rent, can change its shape (and the 2021 Budget Act has already reduced its application to shorter leases).

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All that remains is to wait for the official news: Prime Minister Draghi said he would give More details in Parliament.

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