Draghi resigns, and will report in the room. M5s are divided over the withdrawal of the ministers. Salvini and Berlusconi: “Irresponsible” – private files

Draghi bis are moving apart, with or without M5s, and the legislature increasingly appears in the balance. The parties still have four days to deal with, and assemble the component parts of the crisis that began with the movement’s vote of no confidence in the Senate, but it is an uphill struggle. Divisions are becoming more visible and deep tensions continue to overwhelm the Giuseppe Conte-led movement as the polls approach.

Whether or not the delegation will be drawn into government is a question that sends the Pentastilati into disarray in the same hours that Salvini and Berlusconi approach any hypothesis of being able to continue to sit with the 5S in the executive branch. The Democratic Party, still hoping to rethink Draghi, remains convinced that the majority’s “shape and perimeter” should remain the same. But if these are the ‘buildings’, as the undersecretary of Palazzo Chigi Bruno Tabacci notes, then ‘the legislature is finished’. Even Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgetti admitted that “the teams are now tired” and that “the game is difficult to open”. “Draghi is our guarantee at the international level, he has taken an impeccable position and he must stay”, this is the allure of Pier Ferdinando Cassini.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s mission to Algeria scheduled for next week has been reduced to a single day: Tuesday will be a day off for further reflection and contacts, and then, on Wednesday, the Prime Minister will present himself to the chambers at the request of Head of State Sergio Mattarella.

A new meeting of the M5s National Council will be held tomorrow. In five-star circles, the hypothesis of the withdrawal of the movement’s ministers is being circulated before Wednesday, a scenario according to parliamentary sources that will be among those at the table of the ongoing internal discussions. This solution as far as we know was also discussed in the National Assembly yesterday.

Conte: We answer our behavior, not Draghi

The choice of the former central governor seems to be the most specific, as evidenced by the words chosen to announce the resignation of his ministers and then frozen by Colley. But those working on an afterthought never tire of renewing calls to move forward and weave a network of contacts to investigate if there is a last chance to ensure the government can continue to operate. At the top of the list of parties that do not aim to prematurely close the legislature is the Democratic Party, with the support of Liu. Explained by Andrea Orlando and Roberto Speranza. “We are working for the continuation of the national unity government – he says first – and we hope that the discussion taking place within the framework of the Five Stars will help in this perspective and avoid giving spaces, however undeserved, to the right.” Among other things, Democrats inevitably look at coalitions, realizing that without the broad scope, overcoming the center-right becomes a desperate task, as evidenced by Youtrend-Cattaneo poll data.

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The failure to heal the fracture that has arisen in recent days will make it very difficult to unite efforts. The parliamentary corridor, which Mattarella also wanted to give parliamentary character to the crisis, is “absolutely correct”, says the health minister, with the exclusion of a duplicate Draghi. It is, on the other hand, the recipe referred to by Più Europa ed Action and Italia Viva. Matteo Renzi launched an online petition: “We will do everything in our power to have a free-of-conditioning Draghi Bis that addresses the necessary options for the country,” says the former prime minister.

And the foreign minister confirms: “The M5s have disappeared, and now they are called the Conte party. It is a major party that has decided to put its flags before security and national unity.” Luigi Di Maio.

Meanwhile, chaos reigns in Cinquestelle’s house: meetings after meetings don’t lead to a downfall. The hypothesis of withdrawing the delegation from the government without unanimous consent was proposed: the Minister of Relations with Parliament registers his opposition, stating that in this way he will permanently close any mediation. Those who say they are convinced the legislature is over is FdI chief Giorgia Meloni while Salvini and Berlusconi call the 5S irresponsible and declare they are ready to vote.

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