Draghi and strong ties with the US will now count Italy more in Europe-

We broke up on the eve crisis A government with a symbolic image of Italy’s European role and foreign policy. Think about it for a moment, now that the rite of passage between Joseph is complete Conte And Mario My dragee. That was December 30, 2020.

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Xi Jinping announce a historian an agreement On investments between the European Union and China. The Chancellor is participating as the current President of the European Union. The French has no reasons Institutional To emerge – only one of the union’s 26 leaders – but he was determined to maintain the impression that his political weight in Europe was equal to that of Merkel. As for Italy, he did not see it coming the agreementA few days ago, the entire State Department structure was operating quietly in the belief that it would take more years.

But not only Merkel, Macron and Xi’s relationship together Image The irrelevance that always extends its shadow to Italy when those who lead it are not playing their cards at their best. That moment will also remain for another reason, which now also includes Mario Draghi. Which – which group picture The Chinese despot implicitly revealed that Donald Trump is not the only obstacle in relations between Europe and the United States. Atmosphere Biden The Europeans’ decision to strike deals with China has been made very poorly before even having had time to speak, and then wait to enter the White House.

This is where Draghi’s governmentBecause the new prime minister is not just recognized by other European leaders as one of the few who should be The first inevitably Band internationally. Draghi also has closer ties than anyone in the European Union with many high-ranking officials in the administration BidenNow that Trump is gone, the causes of tension remain. If the White House does not appreciate the Brussels agreement with China, it can be seen in Europe in a strategy American purchase The new administration is a protectionist move at the expense of German, French or Italian suppliers. If Washington does not like borders all’export Vaccines from Europe, in Brussels it was noted that at the moment there is none Duties Trump is against hundreds of European products over the Airbus dispute. While Italy, France and Spain continue to impose it Extraordinary taxes As for the Big Tech giants, Biden is showing no signs of acceptance Waivers That frustrates its big supporters in Silicon Valley. The list for Mis-understanding For a long time and for sure the most obvious thing will always be about the relationship with China. Macron and Merkel have clear reservations about Biden’s idea of ​​an alliance of democracies to contain Beijing’s rise.

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What could it be Place Draghi, who is referring to his government about a pro-European, pro-Atlantic strategy? Not that the bridge between the two shores, because also no one needs intermediaries: a role always ambiguous at best, or unrealistic. On the contrary, it opens up an opportunity wondrous For Italy to calculate more than the specified weight for the country in the international context. Merkel is in her final months as a chancellor, while her successor in Berlin will need time To create Your credentials. Macron is on the verge of entering the presidential election campaign after just over a year and in not-so-impressive form: In recent months, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right, passed for the first time since 2017 in the polls in the first round.

Draghi doesn’t have government outlook either Boundless. Per enjoys his stature, experience and global connections, he has a vision of European interests and the Euro-American alliance that includes Italy’s guarantees in many ways. Draghi will also have a presidency He has been from the G20 all year round and will walk surrounded by the realization that his time in Italian institutions does not end in the life of this CEO. For the first time in a while Human voice Italians can be counted on the same level – perhaps more – than leaders of other countries who are more solid and confident in their place in the world. An opportunity to build some of that toughness and self-confidence here, too.

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