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Season 2 of Drag Race Italia is back at Discovery+ with Tommaso Zorzi, Priscilla and Chiara Francini.

T.decorate Italy Drag Race After the success of the masses in The first season From the program produced by bland for Discover Warner Bros.. In the starting blocks, the remake of the show with drag queens, and disguise queens, challenge each other in a race to inspire From US format RuPaul’s Drag Racean external phenomenon created by world of wondersWhich in the United States reached its 14th edition – 26 Emmy Awards -. Italy Drag Race It will be available from October 20 exclusively to Italy only on me Discover +.

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Drag Race Italia: the “innovative” look

Leaves from October 20 2022 on me Discover + The second edition of Drag Race Italy. The format consists of eight episodes all permanent 60 minutes. At the heart of the program is the competition in which they compete in the art of disguise Ten drag queens. Judging by the performance of competitors we will find again For the second year in a row Tommaso ZorziAnd the Priscilla And the Chiara Franchinithe three judges from the show.

In the wake of the original format, the heroes put themselves to the test in various ways Challenges To show their singing, entertaining and aesthetic skills in the eyes of jurors. During the weekly episode, raffle tubes will have to try their hand at various shows. There are two steps to overcome it: small challengeIt is a test to measure the competitors’ improvisation skills Maxi Challengeto assess creative creativity in the drag method.

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Quick change competition among drag queens

Every aspiring winner must stick to it a Trait The episode and its interpretation in a personal exhibition on main platform. Ample clothing, make-up and wigs in bright, independently chosen shades to persuade jurors to forego the choice. At the end of the offers, this will be determined Two of the worst clouds The bets that will compete to retain their place in the program. proof – proof”Lip sync with your lifeIt is a singing competition where they have to ‘make’ play a famous piece of music with their lips.

at the end of the showElimination of a competitor. At the end of the eight appointments and the path drag race Italia The person chosen at the coronation for a title will be chosen from among the last remaining raffle queens in the competition Italy’s next raffle star. The winner will also win Prestigious Awards: MAC Cosmetics ambassador for a year, main sponsor of the program and will sign his own line of limited-edition products.

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Discovery + Judges Show

Drag Queen offers in the race You value it more judges: those fixed I am Priscilla, the most famous Italian drag queen in Greece above all else. She won the Miss Drag Queen Italy competition in 2007, representing Campania. Film actress Chiara Franchini – male vs female Italian theater and television presenter. Together with Tommaso Zorzi, Italian influencer and TV presenter. It gained notoriety thanks to the victory of the fifth edition of Big Brother VIP. Participation in various TV shows among others Beijing Express.

to me Italy Drag Race She will be present from episode to episode of a news report on Guests In the role of “temporary” judges. number.In the first episode of the branded program Discover + One of the most selective interpreters on the Italian music scene will be the guest star, Pie bravo. An iconic figure who embodies the world of drag queens with transforming stage art.


After the race with Zorzi

At the end of each episode of Italy Drag Race This year the novelty will be proposed. Unpublished for the first time after, after Raceavailable exclusively at Discover +, airs 24 hours after the end of the weekly schedule of the US-based program. to behavior Talk show The fans will find Tommaso Zorzi, who will welcome the competitor who has just been eliminated from the race, as a good host. Together they will trace the most exciting and challenging flashes to experience as the drag queen of the TV format.

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Race Italy Team Team

I 10 new competitors in which you will compete Race Italia 2022 to win the nickname From Italy’s next drag star. In the second edition at the beginning Discover + Heroes in discord: immortal auraAnd the 24 years since the reign of Palermo, GeoffreyAnd the 25 years old, from New York but originally from Calabria. diamondAnd the 34 years old from Reci in the province of Caltanissetta, La Petite NoirAnd the 32 years old from Palermo, Narcissus 29 years old from Frosinone. NeleniaAnd the 31 years romanAnd the ObamaAnd the 33 years of Senegalese and Romanian adoption. tiger virusAnd the 29 years old from Frosinone but lives in TuscanyAnd the ScandalovAnd the 33 years old from Korato in the province of Bari Tanessa YouneseyAnd the 28 years old from Catania.


Italy Drag Race is a Wonderland owned format distributed by Emotion distributionProduced by Blandi. r . was foundegia from Marco Manes. Format authors are Giovanni GiulianiAnd the Jacobo MagriAnd the Francesco Megalise. Showrunner is Dimitri Kochoti. Manufacturers executive, Fenton BillyAnd the Randy BarbatoAnd the Tom Campbell And the RuPaul Charles. the sDinner is served Francesco Mari. executive producer, Claudio Tarquini for my country.

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