Dr. Nowzaradan reveals the ideal foods for losing two kilograms per week: they are unexpected

Doctor Nowzaradan.
Dr. Nowzaradan.IFood.it

Revealing the ideal foods to lose a few pounds in a short time is the most famous real-time doctor.

Yes, summer is approaching and you feel the urge to feel fit. Also because, whether we deny it or not, we’ve all thought about losing weight with the onset of summer.

Dr. suggests Nowzaradan. Thanks to his program on Real Time and Vite al Limite, in addition to great success, have managed to win the trust of their patients and viewersthe. all over the world.

What the doctor reveals is a strict diet that allows you to lose up to two kilograms per week. And among other things, there are those who guarantee that in a few weeks he managed to lose up to twenty kilograms.

Diet Nowzaradan It is a low-carb, high-protein meal plan. No one thinks losing weight is easy.

What is behind the success of this diet

For some, Doctor Nowzaradan is a pillar of surgery. On the other hand, others find it difficult to believe in his abilities. Doctor of Israeli origin appreciated or not, He found much of his success thanks to miracle diets.

Anyone who has ever followed or watched his TV show knows that for the first few months, before surgery, patients must stick to a very restricted diet. The latter is very difficult to follow but consistently yields great results.

Diet of Dr. Nowzaradan
Diet of Dr. Nowzaradan.IFood.it


Ideal foods for losing 2 pounds per week range from 1,200 to 800 calories per day. It must be emphasized that this diet should only be followed after medical evaluation and examinations. Also because it dramatically reduces carbs, eaAdding more protein can throw your body out of balance.

The scheme can be divided into two parts: an initial, intense part in which you can lose weight intensively, and another, more conservative part. Sugary drinks are strictly prohibited on the diet. Favorite foods for breakfast are: Low-fat yogurt, coffee and about 200ml of milk skim. In the middle of the morning the doctor recommends taking a An egg or about 50 grams of bresola. For lunch you can Choose 100 grams of lean meat – chicken breast, turkey, lean veal -. But for those who prefer it, you can opt for fish. At dinner, it is preferable to prefer non-starchy vegetables, boiled eggs, and a mixture of white meat.

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