Dozens of arrests a warning from Europe and the United States

Police cars overturned, stones were thrown at customers and government-run shops were looted. Tension in Cuba shows no signs of abating, as thousands upon thousands of people have taken to the streets in all the island’s major cities to protest the regime and against a crisis that has become unbearable for a large part of the population. The arrest of dozens of political activists and journalists, including a reporter for the Spanish newspaper ABC. A severe blow led even Brussels to define the regime’s reaction to the demonstrations as “unacceptable”.

“We’ve come to the end,” people repeat, forced to queue for hours and hours to buy food or medicine. And although the government of President Miguel Díaz-Canel continues to point the finger at the United States accused of wanting to cause social unrest and being behind counter-revolutionary elements, anxiety is starting to spread among Communist Party leaders who fear the situation may get away but not. Thus, at the meeting of the last hours of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the party, headed by Diaz-Canel, the former leader also met again Raúl Castro, who with 90 years has remained a constant reference point for the regime.

Therefore, the meeting sparked a new appeal to defend the revolution and fight attempts to destabilize the country. A few hours earlier, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, identified a “fatal error in interpreting the protests as the product of something the United States did.” The head of US diplomacy then went back to accusing Havana of “ignoring the voices and will of the Cuban people, a people who are deeply fed up with long-running oppression.”

But Washington has to contend with an almost pressured front of Latin American countries in support of the Cuban regime. So after Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also asked Argentina’s Alberto Fernandez to end the embargo and sanctions against Havana from the United States, the measures that are causing the crisis caused by the pandemic now risk permanently choking Cuba.

Then the president of Bolivia, Luis Ars, who spoke of a “foreign attack” on the island, and the leader of the Venezuelan regime, Nicolas Maduro, joined the call: “Cuba will get away with – he said – inflicted the same treatment, the same method of suffocation and persecution that has been applied in Cuba since 60 years. If the United States really wants to help the Cuban people, it should immediately lift the sanctions and embargo.”

But to make their voices heard in the last few hours, the Cuban community living in America, especially in Florida, where thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Miami and Washington to support the protests in Cuba: “Down with Communism,” the slogan that has been called the most, In the hope that sooner or later the fall of the Castro regime will be achieved and that many Cubans in the United States will be able to return home.

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