Dozen: A sport that’s bigger than ever and more so than ever

Dozen wants to be the first “super app” for sports

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On March 19th in conjunction with Match La Liga between Barcelona And real MadridSports streaming platform Dazn broke its own record for the number of live events broadcast in a single day. In total, OTT has handled 207 sporting events globally on Saturdays – including cFootball, Basketball, Boxing, American Football, Formula 1 and Tennis —of them up to 90 at the same time, in the group’s busiest weekend since its launch seven years ago. Broadcasts for these hundreds of events are managed from a futuristic control room inside a glass office building outside Leeds (UK). expansion I was able to visit last week with a group of international journalists. Here, dozens of operators work in shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure the correct transfer of content. They are responsible for communicating with field production teams, scheduling commercial breaks, and keeping events on time. In short, they make sure that everything runs smoothly. This center houses the technology heart of Dozen. Opened in 2021, it is where content is received, managed and distributed, and then platform users view on their app in the 200+ markets where the platform has a presence. The building, which employs nearly 300 people, is linked by cable to the group’s data centers in London. To ensure broadcast safety, it has backup generators and a sister center in Northern Ireland which, in the event of an outage, takes over broadcasts. Just last year the platform, which has been called since its inception netix of sports, broadcasting some 20 million hours of content and managing the broadcast of 27,000 live events, a brand held by the London-based group, its chief technology and product chief, Sandeep Tiku totally disagrees, as it believes its modus operandi is more complex than that of platforms like Netflix.

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Netflix It takes content and simply makes it available to its users. Instead, we process something that happens live, capture that moment and present it to consumers in real time. He said, “That’s the difference.” Tiko for this newspaper. “In addition, we give the user control. Because when you watch a game, you have the option to go back, forward or go live. Technically, being able to directly manage all this is a big challenge,” adds profitability Tiku reached out to Dazn in April from last year of get, a multinational betting company that owns brands such as bwin. The main goal of the Israeli-born CEO is to make the sports broadcasting group profitable and end its dependence on billionaire owner Sir Leonard Blavatnik, who has invested more than $5 billion (about 4.5 billion euros) in the loss-making company. Most of that investment was made in February last year, when it pumped $4.3 billion into the platform to pay off Dazn’s debts. The operation was carried out through Acces Industries, the Blavatnik-owned industrial group that owns the majority of the platform’s shares. To get out of the red, Segev brought in the former CFO of Amazon Prime Barren Waterman Videowho joined as CFO in January last year.
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