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Through the official Nintendo website, we have the opportunity to find out the weight of the game files of three upcoming video games Nintendo Switch. Let’s talk about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splatoon 3 and Nintendo Switch Sports.

First of all, we found that the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 weighs in at around 15GB. For a reference point, the second chapter of the saga weighed about 13.2 GB, while the first chapter weighed 13.7 GB. As we can see, these are very similar numbers to each other.

As for the game Splatoon 3, it will weigh 6.1 GB. The first chapter, at the time of its release on the Wii U, weighed just 1.8 GB. Therefore, the step forward has been significant over the years.

Splatoon 3

However, the lightest is the Nintendo Switch Sports. The game is expected to weigh in at 1.4GB at launch, but remember that there are additional content planned that will increase the game’s overall weight in the months following its release.

Obviously this information It should not be considered final Until the games are published on the Nintendo Switch, we won’t have the opportunity to verify the actual weight. Nintendo may update the information and games may be subject to some changes that increase or decrease the final weight of the game file.

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