Downing Street home renovation investigation opened –

Now there is an official investigation against Boris Johnson: British Prime Minister accused of a case Too expensive renovation From her personal Downing Street apartment, with strong support from Fedanzata Carrie Symonds. It turns out that the conservative donors will pay the bill for 58,000 pounds (about 70,000 euros), because of Boris You can’t afford it Such out-of-pocket spending. For the Electoral Commission, the independent body that monitors policy financing, there are “reasonable grounds to suspect a crime.” Because if receiving donations is illegal, so should politicians Declare it publicly: Which Johnson did not do. Boris is now under siege.

Embarrassing discoveries about him have been going on in London for days, and were most likely orchestrated by him Former advisor Dominic CummingsRasputin who was the architect of Brexit and who, having been eliminated at the end of last year, is now seeking a colossal vengeance. It was Cummings who revealed the details of the Downing Street apartment case. At the same time he brought up the story that Boris said last fall he preferred.To see thousands of corpses pile up“Because of the epidemic, no Impose a new lockdown.

The first signs of image damage are already there: Conservatives fell in the polls From 45 to 40 percent (with the Labor Party at 37), on the eve of an important round of local elections next week.

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Boris has trouble hiring him Battle with Cummings, a figure identified by former Prime Minister David Cameron as a “mentally ill”. The former “Rasputin”, who claims to have bargaining records in his hand, will stop at nothing: he appears bent on causing Johnson’s downfall. Widespread conspiracy theory that Cummings will be Michael Gove’s armed wing, The man who is actually the deputy prime minister and who aims to replace Johnson on Downing Street: Gove and Commons have been old allies since before the Brexit referendum. The irony that Boris has so far appeared on the crest of the wave: the success of vaccines, promising news on the economic front, and even commitment against the Premier League have brought his popularity soaring. But perhaps that is why his internal opponents decided so Time to strike. Johnson, a cat of a thousand people who has survived many setbacks: But if the story of the Downing Street apartment had a court outcome, his situation would be difficult. The battle he is fighting in these hours for his political survival.

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