Double vaccination in the fall, there is a signal to start from the Ministry of Health: This is for whom

There is covid vaccine news: From the Ministry of Health green light For the possibility of having one Dual administration. In fact, the flu vaccine can be added to the anti-Covid vaccine.

In detail, the grandmother was described in a leaflet signed by the Director General of Prevention, Gianni Reda, in which we read about the possibility of double vaccine For those subjects who are considered particularly vulnerable. On the other hand, as regions begin to organize themselves for third doses of the vaccine, this time of year is approaching when influenza vaccination is also recommended.

A novelty that is especially valid for those people for whom seasonal vaccination is great registered parcel to be presented”Actively and for free“.

Double vaccine, that’s for whom

Therefore, there are no contraindications to vaccinating the Covid vaccine and influenza vaccine at the same time. A novelty aimed at all people who run a greater danger To face complications in case of seasonal flu infection.

Vaccination is recommended and, therefore, free of charge (as requested in the circular issued on April 8, 2021 regarding “Influenza prevention and control in the 2021-2022 season):

  • Pregnant women and in the “puerperal” period at the beginning of the epidemic season.
  • People aged 6 months to 65 years with illnesses that increase the risk of developing complications from the flu:
  • Individuals 65 years of age or older.
  • Children and teens who receive long-term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid are at risk of developing Reye’s syndrome if they have the flu.
  • Individuals of any age are accepted into long-term care facilities.
  • Relatives and close contacts (adults and children) of individuals at high risk of complications (regardless of whether or not the person at risk has been vaccinated).
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Free flu vaccination for these people too Public Service Personnel with a Core Collective Interest and categories of workers, such as:

  • Physicians and health care workers in facilities who, through their activities, can transmit influenza to people at risk of developing influenza complications.
  • police force
  • Firefighter
  • Other socially beneficial groups who can benefit from vaccination for reasons connected with the performance of their work activity; In this regard, vaccination is recommended and it is the College of Territories / Public Administration. Define the principles and methods of presentation for these categories.
  • Or even those individuals who, for work reasons, have contact with animals that can be a source of infection with non-human influenza viruses (Covid learning), such as:
  • breeders
  • breeding workers
  • Live animal transport workers
  • Butchers and dungeons
  • General and independent veterinarians

Those, in case they need to undergo the anti-Covid vaccine, will be able to undergo it on the same day double fertilization. It applies to those who have not yet been vaccinated, as well as to those who are waiting for the second or even third dose.

Is the dual vaccine safe?

The major international public health authorities and relevant advisory committees are in absolute agreement Dual administration of vaccines is safe. A novelty that caters to all the most vulnerable people who don’t just have to beware of Covid, as even a minor seasonal flu can lead to irreversible damage to their health.

It must be said that concomitant administration will be possible, Not an obligation. This means that if one vaccine is not available, there will be no delay for the other vaccination.

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In any case, the Ministry of Health website explains, the recommendation is Expect to be vaccinated against influenza as often as possible. This, early October, is the best time to do so.

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