Don’t play it at very high temperatures, recommends Valve –

We are in the height of summer and these days temperatures in some countries are close to or even exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Not only do we suffer from heat but we also suffer from electronic devices, including computers and controllers. In this sense, Valve recommends not to play steam surface in environments with Temperatures that exceed 35°COtherwise, the controller may begin to degrade performance to protect the internal components.

The warning came with a Twitter post stating that ideal temperatures for gaming on a PC console are between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. After this minimum, he can enter Steam Deck stuffya safety mechanism that automatically reduces performance to reduce internal heat, in order to protect the system from potential damage.

To our friends in the midst of a heat wave, a quick note about using Steam Deck at high temperatures. Steam Deck performs best in ambient temperatures between 0° and 35°C. If the temperature rises, Steam Deck may begin to degrade performance to protect itself”.

The second post states that the PC console APU delivers optimal performance up to 100°C. Exceeded this limit, it throttles and automatically shuts off at 105 degrees to avoid fatal damage.

Some additional details: Steam Deck APU works well at temperatures up to 100°C, at 100°C it will start to slow down and at 105°C it will shut down. Once again, it protects the system (and you) from damage.

Similar advice has also come from Nintendo regarding the Switch, with the Big N recommending not to play with it, either in portable mode or when connected to the dock, if the ambient temperature exceeds 35 degrees.

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