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Request for non-reimbursable contributions: what is it Three mistakes Not doing? Instructions for submitting the application, as well as the form to be filled out, are contained in the Provision for Revenue Agency on March 23rd.

Requests can be submitted by the relevant person and by a qualified broker in the tax drawer from March 30th to date Deadline May 28th.

There are two ways to apply:

  • Through the services of the Revenue Agency on the portal Bills and fees;
  • Using Sogei’s new platform.

But what files are Three mistakes to avoid When filling out the form? Let’s see the three steps to take to make sure your application for the scholarship from Dl Sostegni is successful.

Apply for non-reimbursable contributions, the first mistake you should not make: Pay attention to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Compared to contributions previously disbursed, there is an important change for contributions to DL Sostegni: the applicant will have to choose whether to receive the non-reimbursable funds in a “liquid” manner, and thus with Transfer On the current account, or in the form Credit tax.

Applicants choosing the first option (direct current account payment) should pay attention to completing the form in the section devoted toAre going.

Although it may seem like a definitive recommendation, it is instead necessary to devote a lot of importance to this step. We read in instructions To complete the order:

“It should be emphasized that utmost attention is given in reporting the IBAN to the current account in the name or common name of the applicant and verifying in advance with your credit institution the correctness of the IBAN itself: Errors in this value can lead to rejection of the application and inability to obtain the contribution. “

The box should refer to the IBAN code identifying the current, bank or postal account, in the name (or common name) of the applicant.

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In the event that a taxpayer indicates that they are choosing to recognize the non-refundable contribution due in the form of a tax credit, the IBAN should not be indicated.

The Non-Reimbursable Grant Request and Mistakes Not to Be Made: Request for Replacement

What do you do if you realize that you made a mistake after submitting the application? You can send one Redemptive declaration, But beware: the additional example, which replaces the previously submitted example, must be submitted No later than May 28.

So the deadline of May 28, 2021 is valid for both “first” submissions and alternative applications.

A replacement request cannot be submitted if the internal revenue has already implemented the contribution payment authorization or has been recognized as a tax credit, so it is extremely important to verify the accuracy of all data in the application in a timely manner. .

Missing funds and order errors: Submit the request as soon as possible

The timing They are essential in both life and tax matters, and the scholarship application is no exception.

This is not a click dayBut experience with the reboot decree taught us that everyone who submits the request toThe deadline approaches He may find himself in the unfortunate situation seeing that the allocated funds are already out of stock.

Those who found themselves living in this circumstance knew well that they had to wait months for their non-refundable contribution to be paid.

In this case, the error will be more than “strategySending your application close to the May 28 deadline not only means the risk of waiting months for the grant to be paid, but also – in the event of errors – not having time to send an alternate acknowledgment.

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