Don’t forget Gabriel Corso’s words, Where do you see them, when you’re on the air

Broadcast February 7, Monday through Friday Don’t Forget the Words – You’re on the Piece moderated by Gabriel Corsi

A new adventure is about to begin Gabriel Corsione of the most selective broadcasters, in fact, from February 7th, it will be broadcast on the channel nine At 20.25, from Monday to Friday, the Italian version of the game appears “Don’t forget the lyrics – stay on top”.

Gabriel Corsi

Don’t forget the lyrics – the rules of the game

Don’t forget the wordsOr “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” is a musical game show with three contestants in each episode, including amateur singers and music lovers. The goal of the game is to sing songs just like in karaoke, but in a special way. In fact, at some point, the music will stop, and the text songs will also disappear, causing the competitor to keep trying to remember the exact words of the song.

to Don’t forget the words Thus the protagonist will be music, from the classics of San Remo history and beyond. A game show in which both contestants and spectators participate. The challenge will consist of three rounds, and the contestants will present a prize of 5,000 gold coins. The two competitors who managed to get the highest score in the first two races will move on to the final duel. The winner will become the champion who will compete the next day with new competitors.

Original game show

Don’t forget the words It is a program born and broadcast in the United States Fox. An Italian re-translation was broadcast in Italy in 2007/2008 with the name get rich and winled AmadeusWith the participation of the comedian Chico Zalon. Years later, the game show is ready to return to our screens, but this time with a new leader.

Gabriel Corsithe familiar face of the small screen, has become one of the channel’s pioneers nine. after driving Handle it – play the gameAnd the The farmer is looking for a wifeAnd the Courses Ready for a new TV adventure. Confirmed over time that he is a real showman, a Don’t forget the lyrics – stay on trackHe will accompany the contestants through the competition to the sound of jokes and laughter, ready to engage both the audience in the booths and on stage, and the audience from home.

View game Don’t forget the songs – stay tuned produced by banegay italy about Discover Italy. 20 episodes of the show are available on nine From February 7th and can be accessed in streaming on Discover +.

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