Don’t expect The Nevers, The Victorian Fantasy

a marginalized community claims to be recognized and have equal rights in the eyes of society, while Persons Continue to retain distinction for those who differ e Aristocracy Note this class struggle between boredom and the amused.

You don’t need to be a sociologist to read between the lines of commentary on the contemporary in Nevers, a science fiction series created by Joss Whedon (former creator of Al ShahbaAnd AngelAnd firefly And director of the first two films from Avengers).

It was acquired by HBO after a long dispute that also involved Netflix, Nevers It debuted on Sky last April at the same time as the US.

The series with the protagonist Laura Donnelly (Jenny Murray in stranger from home) go off On August 3, 1896When Victorian London is shaken by a supernatural event that gives some people – Most of them are women Unnatural abilities with results ranging from fantastic to disturbing.

Anne Skelly interprets Penance Adair in
Anne Skelly interprets Penance Adair in “The Nevers.” Credits: Sky Italia.

Six years later, the genetic mutation due to electricity will be at the origin of this A terrifying new breed Who is on the upper floors and is afraid to overwhelm you touched, this is how people who show extraordinary powers are summoned.

regardless of their privacy.turning point“Everyone who belongs to this group is in grave danger. It is up to the unstoppable mysterious widow. amalia right (Laura Donnelly) and the brilliant young inventor Adair’s penance Anne Skelly protects other extraordinary women like themselves by welcoming them to Saint Romaulda OrphanageIt is an institution in which those acquitted by their families find shelter. To ensure Toccati’s safety, Amalia and Penance will have to face ruthless forces willing to do anything to eliminate their race.

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At the end of the first part – Season one continues with six more episodes soon – Nevers Show itself for what it is. We’ll have to wait until the last chapter to understand where this series wants to go, but he deserves it. While the introduction to a fashion series starring women with superpowers is seductive in its own right, the last episode of Part 1 shows us just that. Nevers It will be much more.

James Norton as Hugo Swan in a scene from the movie
James Norton as Hugo Swan in a scene from “The Nevers.” Credits: Sky Italia.

the world steampunk London in the late nineteenth century It gives way to a richer and more explicit mythology that includes multidimensional elements and time travel. We’re up against Joss Whedon’s most ambitious TV series, even if credit goes equally to the show’s director. Philippa Goslet.

The discourse of diversity and the struggle for the inclusion of primary episodes is a topic to which he belongs strongly Zeitgeist, makes room for one visual acuity Which suggests to the viewer what the fate of the human race could be if it continued Refuse to change, rather than comprehending it.

The fantasy element is amazing, thanks to massive productions that increasingly blur the line between TV series and film. to beautify the story Nevers The cast also takes care of it. A large group of actresses and actors present the Tokati saga, in which talents of caliber participate Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark), Dennis O’Hare (american horror story), Rochelle Neal (the boat), Ben Chaplin (Cinderella), Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons), Olivia Williams (analog), e James Norton (Happy Valley).

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Part 1 of the first season of Nevers Now available on NOW, a streaming platform dedicated to the best in entertainment, cinema, sports and programming designed for kids. Discover the offer now.

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