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Donate the Lecco WWF to Australia to protect animals

Solidarity knows no boundaries and makes a journey of more than 16,000 kilometers from Lecco to Australia. The Coronavirus emergency overshadowed the Australian emergency, with exactly one year ago more than 19 million hectares of land erupted in smoke.

(WWF Report published in July 2020)Australian bushfires 2019-2020: the toll from wildlife), Which was implemented by five different institutions, estimated that nearly 3 billion animals, mostly reptiles and amphibians, but also 180 million birds and 143 million mammals, could have suffered the consequences of the fires.

These figures include both animals that died directly in fires that they were unable to escape, those who later found themselves living in a particularly hostile environment with very little water, and very few prey and very few places to protect from any predators.

“It’s hard to think of another event that killed or affected so many animals anywhere in the world in recent decades. As for biodiversity, it is one of the worst disasters in recent history,” said Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF Australia.

“The Ministry of Environment calls for the inspection of Malgrate pine pieces”

Based on awareness of the consequences identified by loss of biodiversity in relation to the spread of infectious diseases, the Global Fund’s commitment to protecting the environment is not a luxury, but a delicate commitment that protects human health.

For this reason, Lecco WWF has decided to donate € 2,000 to WWF Australia as part of its “Forest Fire Appeal”, in response to the emergency to save wildlife, restore lost ground and protect the continent’s biodiversity. Australian.

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“It has also been a difficult year for the Associations – says Lilo Bonnelly, President of WWF Lecco – between the bureaucracy we were forced into by the regulatory adjustments of the third sector and the ban on all activities” in the field “: We had to give even the traditional courses, evenings, and events … all Events that usually contribute to fundraising for our association.We were able to ensure minimum activities, especially for children, through an online drawing contest, nature trips (apparently very limited in the number of participants), and publish a brochure, written and illustrated by our activists, in cooperation With Park Monte Barrow ».

Ten years after the battle, the Fraina Stream in Primana was safe

“We have been able to ensure“ monitoring ”activity on the territory, with notes to the mayor of the municipalities, reports, objections and complaints about any attempt to exploit the environmental heritage, not the least of which is the complaint filed with the Lombard Court of Auditors about an infamous cut of Malgrate pine trees. We are concerned with the problems. Emerging from the quarries, from the waste-fed zone heating project, from the motocross raids on Monte di Brianza. And as soon as we get some victories, as in the case of the hydroelectric power plant blocking on the Fraina course, we must leave immediately to prevent another attempt on the environmental attack on Bioverna. We do not lack issues to be managed, but in order to ensure, in addition to a local commitment, also the international vision of the world’s largest environmental association, it seemed right to contribute to a project like WWF Australia, with effort We especially demand it in this difficult year ».

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Thanks Sidney Liku

“Dear WWF Lecco”: This is how the message begins from Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF Australia, thanking Lecco panda for your “very generous donation”, which will particularly support activities aimed at “restoring forests and wildlife habitats, and halting deforestation.” Creating safe passages for our wildlife … ».

“I am truly grateful – as O’Gorman points out – for your generosity and I hope you all feel proud knowing you make a difference to the indigenous wildlife of Australia.”

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