Donald Trump on OnlyFans is a hoax

If he so desires, he has a “safe place” to turn to. Because a story Donald Trump Sue Onlyfans – With the ban associated with the platform after the events of Capitol Hill – a hoax rejected by the managers of the social network for adult entertainment. In recent days, on Twitter, a screenshot has circulated showing a verified account belonging to Trump himself (its registration was completed on April 6, 2017), with the next relative screen having a ban from the same account from the platform.

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Donald Trump on Onlyfans is a hoax

Now, we understand very well that the issue of excluding the outgoing President of the United States of America from social networks is among the hottest issues today. But, of course, you can’t be sure that any news of this nature can take hold in the web’s confusing jungle. That’s why, from wave to ride, someone posted a brilliantly created picture that denotes Trump’s presence on this adult entertainment platform, where there is no shortage of paid content and where individual shows somehow paid for a subscription or a one-time amount spent.

Exact copy of OnlyFans

OnlyFans made it clear to Insider that there was never a Donald Trump account on the platform and that any attempt to portray himself as the President of the USA on the social network would be blocked. In fact, it’s impossible not to be real people if you want to sign up for OnlyFans: the platform associates an identifier for each user, thus also avoiding anonymous profiles or people pretending to be third parties.

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Therefore, Trump wasn’t banned from OnlyFans simply because he was never on the platform. However, this news spread widely and prompted many US political analysts to throw more than one joke on Twitter.

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