Donald Trump is angry with his wife Melania. He advised him to support Oz.” But he is ready to step forward again: the announcement is due on the 15th

Donald Trump he is angry”. Not with himself as much as with those around him, especially with those who advised him to support Mehmet Oz in the race for the Senate Pennsylvania. Including the wife Melania Trump. Oz was defeated by Democrat John Fetterman in the Senate race – a crushing defeat for Republicans trying to regain a majority in the Senate. Fetterman’s victory allowed the Democrats to take the place of retired Senator Pat Toomey. New York Times reporter Maggie Habermannwrote: “Trump is really angry, especially with Mehmet Oz, and he blames everyone who advised him to support him, including his wife.”

There are people pushing Trump to reschedule his announcement next week. But it will be a risky move because he will realize that he was disappointed yesterday. That is why some of his advisers insist that this is not the case.”

defeat oz

Trump-backed candidates have lost ground in sensitive areas across the country or lagged behind other Republicans in their states, and political analysts said Trump had a particularly bad night. Oz, who rose to prominence as a television doctor but had no prior political experience, got Trump’s approval in the Pennsylvania Senate primary for Dave McCormick. Despite falling behind in the polls over the course of the year, he believed he could beat Fettermann. A scenario that did not materialize and left Republicans in a state of shock on Wednesday morning.

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